Altsoft XML2PDF engine is one of the best solutions for converting HTML to PDF files. Our formatting engine maintains almost all HTML 4.01 options with full CSS support! Using XML2PDF Server (.NET API) one can easily teach his .NET application to create PDF, XPS, PS, SVG and TIFF from any HTML file.

Why do you need to convert HTML to PDF? Any web page that exists on the Internet consists of HTML. HTML is exactly suitable for publishing and distributing information through the Internet. But if you try to print a page from the site you will not get the page you see on your monitor. However PDF is de facto the standard format for representing text, graphics in a coherent and consistent manner. And if you are going to distribute your HTML documents it is better to convert HTML to PDF, one of the print-ready formats along with PS, XPS, TIFF, etc. If you need to capture your HTML page as PDF on the desktop you can use Adobe Professional Enhanced. Also you can use our desktop tool XML2PDF Workstation for converting HTML to PDF. However Adobe Professional is not suitable for server use. And if you need to convert HTML to PDF automatically on your server or if you need your application to be able to do this conversion, the XML2PDF Commander or Server (.NET API) is your savior.

Among the most typical HTML to PDF business use cases are:

- on-line creation of print versions of your dynamical web page
- automatic bookmarks generation
- sending and receiving customers' information
- representing electronic records
- creating user guides and specifications
- and other cases where your application creates HTML documents (or receives and has them in your database) and then you make print-ready (such as PDF) versions of them.

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We use Xml2PDF Server to produce PDF printouts of new vehicle price offers for prospects and customers. What we encountered was easy layout and hassle-free maintenance and modification of the PDF output. The page break problem in PDF was easily solved with Xml2PDF. Overall, Altsoft Xml2PDF helped us to reduce the development time and cycle. more


We provide web based Computer Aided Facility management software. We use SVG and XHTML extensively in our web application. This works great when the user is online and logged on. However: automated processes often need to send information users want to send information to their partners without giving them access to their system users want to have...more


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