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Altsoft MergeSplit PDF engine is one of the best solutions for merging and splitting PDF files.

Why it can be needed to merge several PDFs? PDF is used to exchange different documents over the Internet. And to achieve more efficient and quicker access to electronic data it is recommended to merge different PDF documents.

Using any tool providing 'merge' feature you can organize different PDF documents in such a way that their management and application will become easier. Merging PDF files allows storing data of one subject matter in one more compact output file. As well it allows controlling a folder's content arranging documents according to their priority, importance and property. Merging PDF files saves time spent on opening multiple documents.

Altsoft MergeSplit PDF engine covers all you needs and allows establishing efficient and quick access to information taken from PDF files. You can merge PDF documents or their parts and arrange them into a single PDF document preserving formatting options of every document used for merging. It is also possible to reorder pages from several selected PDF documents and compose a document with the content you need. Merging PDF documents allows saving time and producing a compact output PDF document, organizing files by merging the documents you need. MergeSplit PDF allows merging documents by page marks and page range (odd and even) or combine several PDF pages and files to create a new PDF.

The reason of splitting a PDF document may be is more obvious. Very often you get information only a part of which is needed and important for you. And of course there can be (and we are even sure there is) not the only one document of such a kind. Therefore it can be useful to split files by page numbers. As a result the information needed will take less space on your computer. It will also save time exchanging data over the internet.

With the ability to split PDF files into separate documents, either by page range or page numbers, and merge an unlimited number of PDF documents into a single PDF file, Altsoft MergeSplit PDF helps you gain control of all your PDF files. Splitting PDF documents you can reduce document's workflow and not waste time trying to handle large PDF documents. Managing of PDF files becomes easier with MergeSplit PDF - you reduce the size of PDF documents by splitting them into smaller and thus more manageable files. It is possible to select the desired page numbers to create a new file or split by page ranges or pages that are NOT in sequential order. With Altsoft MergeSplit PDF formatting engine you can split PDF documents into chapters, single pages, etc. just in one click.

It is really simple to merge and split PDF files using the Altsoft MergeSplit PDF formatting engine. All you need is to choose documents to be merged or split, arrange them in right order, choose pages and press the 'merge' or 'split' buttons. MergeSplit PDF preserves formatting settings and layouts of original documents. Merging and splitting PDF documents will make work with document workflow within your company more efficient and productive. And Altsoft propose you an easy-to-use tool for achieving this.

The key features of Altsoft MergeSplit PDF are the following:

  • Efficient and quicker access to electronic data;
  • Compact data storing;
  • Merging of several PDF documents into a single document;
  • Splitting a document according to pages needed;
  • Electronic digital signature;
  • Setting PDF as background;
  • Easy document's management;
  • Supervision of a folder's content;
  • Friendly user interface.

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