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Altsoft XML2PDF 2009 formatting engine is one of the best solutions for converting PowerPoint documents to PDF. In contrast to its previous versions and many other present products  XML2PDF 2009 supports almost all Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and PowerPoint 2007 features. XML2PDF 2009 can be used manually as a desktop tool (XML2PDF Workstation) and can be embedded to one's own .Net solution (XML2PDF Server) for creation PDF, XPS, TIFF, and SVG documents from any PowerPoint file (.ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx).

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program, a part of the Microsoft Office suite. PowerPoint serves for business, educators, students, and trainers.

PowerPoint presentations are a set of individual pages called "slides". Slides may contain text, graphics, movies, and other objects. A user can freely place any object inside a slide. Microsoft Office Suite provides users with different templates for creation presentations, thus making the usage of PowerPoint easy. It is possible to use animations inside PowerPoint presentations making them live and attractive. PowerPoint presentations can be printed, displayed on a computer or through a video projector (for a large audience).

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it is a standard format for electronic documents. Today you can find PDF files almost everywhere: in management, publishing, education and other spheres. PDF is used for sending letters, reports, messages and exchanging business documents such as billing accounts, invoices, reports, contracts, etc.

Why convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF? Printing directly from PowerPoint may cause presentations to be distorted and disfigured. About 30% of PowerPoint files encounter problems when moved from one computer to another -- graphics disappear or misprint, text and labels shift position, and Greek letters may vanish. PDF is a standard format for electronic documents and it is reliable for printing. To print PowerPoint presentations you need convert it to PDF format. This will ensure that everything will be output the way it was expected. Today there are different software products proposing the PowerPoint to PDF conversion. Even the Microsoft gives sometimes extended functionality and saves .ppt presentations as PDF for output. Altsoft proposes XML2PDF converter for this manipulations. It allows batch .PPT conversions and supports almost all Microsoft features. As well it compresses PDF output making it easy to store and interchange. At the output you get professional quality documents that can be viewed on any computer. XML2PDF supports PDF bookmarks; you can add watermarks to output document and sign it with digital signature. All you have to do just launch the XML2PDF formatter choose your PowerPoint presentation and press the "convert" button. This process can be automated with the server edition of the XML2PDF .

Summing all the above it should be said that converting PowerPoint presentations to PDF allows getting quality documents and exchanging them quicker as PDF makes documents several times smaller than their originals. Now when all PDF advantages are obvious we hope you understand why it is needed to convert PowerPoint to PDF. Altsoft XML2PDF serves for your needs and proposes different solutions. Choose the most suitable for your needs - desktop application or server one.

Among the most typical PowerPoint to PDF business use cases are:

- automatic presentation generation

- generation of print ready study cases

- generation of print ready forms of various personalized documents such as portfolios, for example

- and many other cases where you create PowerPoint documents and then you need to make print-ready (such as PDF) versions of them.



We are a marketing company, specializing in multi-version magnetic print, and we are the first to produce magnetic mailers that can be mailed without an envelope. Our art template system is built using SVG. After merging our templates with data, we use Altsoft Xml2PDF to produce the PDF file that is then sent to press. As much as 400 unique pieces of Artwork can be created...more


We use Altsoft Xml2PDF to print insurance policies and forms through our software used by insurance agents. An insurance agent calculates the premium, fills in the customer's personal data and prints the documents. Xml2PDF is a ready-made practical solution that can be easily implemented in any existing piece of software in a simple, neat and time-efficient way. From a...more

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