Altsoft XML2PDF engine is one of the best solutions for converting SVG to PDF files. Our formatting engine supports almost all SVG options describing two-dimensional graphics, images and text! Using XML2PDF Server (.NET API) one can easily teach his .NET application to create PDF, XPS, PS and TIFF from any SVG file.

Why do you need to convert SVG to PDF? SVG graphics is widespread nowadays and it is used for preparing different printed matters, pamphlets, calendars, illustrations, books, postcards, creating web-pages, describing technical documentation and others. Considering that SVG is relatively new format and is unequally supported by browsers it is better to convert SVG to PDF or another format that makes documents easy to print, archive and share. Having installed our desktop tool XML2PDF Workstation you can convert SVG to PDF. And if you need to convert SVG to PDF automatically on your server or if you need your application to be able to do this conversion, the XML2PDF Commander of Server (.NET API) is for your help.

Most typical SVG to PDF business use cases:

- preparation of different printed matters, pamphlets, postcards, books, etc.

- dynamically GIS (Geographic Information Systems) generation

- distributing Maps, CAD Drawings

- creation of management solutions

- other cases when you need a document with rich graphics be displayed in the appropriate way without any quality losses

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We develop solutions for facility management. Precisely, our product is one piece of software with general purpose modules (management of buildings, properties, installations, parts, employees, work orders, etc.), and several optional modules that customers can get according to its activity over a database (Access, SQLServer or Oracle are supported). Beside our Windows...more

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We use Altsoft Xml2PDF to convert our XML data to PDF documents to be sent via email. This product provides easy and powerful way of formatting data programmatically within our C# application. The integration was straightforward. We did not even need any technical support since the documentation was detailed and easy to comprehend. more


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