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Benefits of Word to pdf server for Word-PDF conversion

You may have used Microsoft Word at least once in your lifetime. It can be in school or corporates. MS Word is one of the most used word processors that still find varied applications. But, when it comes to sharing or presenting the final document, a PDF is usually preferred.

Why are PDF files preferred?

When Word documents are converted to PDF files, one thing is assured-security of the document. However, MS Word files are often tempered to modify the data or even make minute changes. Therefore, it can be incredibly cumbersome to handle when working in teams. In addition, each team member may have access to the document and may want to change it as per their findings.

It is where Altsoft’s Word to pdf server solution comes into the picture. This server automatically converts Word documents to PDF file formats for secure viewing and restricts users from making changes. Indeed, the Word to pdf server from Altsoft is guaranteed to be the most cost-effective solution in the market currently.

Benefits of using Word to pdf server from Altsoft

Generally, the essential documents of any corporate or work process are captured through word documentation. After that, the team may decide to share it with any file format. So, using the Word to pdf server solution, you get benefits to simplify your work. We have enlisted a few benefits to help you understand the importance of Word to pdf server conversion software.

Secured with Password Protect

Security of the document is essential.

Unlike word documents, PDF files can easily be password protected. However, note that the data and information in these files may require a high level of encryption to ensure that it is only viewable to a specific team section. So, with Word to pdf server solution, you can effectively limit the number of viewers and editors, as per your decision.

Easy access to the files when in need

Remember, easy access to the files doesn’t mean that anyone at any time can access the document. The PDF files can only be accessed on any device, and the user restrictions remain the same.

It is particularly effective when you know that MS Word files get accessed with the help of Microsoft Word files. The complexity of accessing the Word files increases if you change the software or the device operating system. In this case, to convert and store the file on your device, Altsoft’s Word to pdf server solution is a perfect match for everyone.

All Visual Elements are preserved.

The best advantage of using PDF files is that you get more flexibility to work with them. In addition, the PDF files are effective in retaining every visual element. It may include texts, graphics, or fonts. Thus, it is one of the best ways to even have the images with better resolution from the Word files in reduced image sizes.


Choose Altsoft’s Word to pdf server solution to readily convert your Word files to PDF documents. You can opt for the suitable package for your requirements- with all affordability. Get the Word documents only viewable with the advanced security with PDFs with us.

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Word to PDF Server

Top Advantages of Using a Word to PDF Server with Altsoft

Word documents, unlike PDF files, are easily tampered with, edited, or altered. On the other hand, PDF files are prized for their “read-only” character, which makes it difficult to alter or change in any manner unless you have a PDF editor on hand. You should read the rest of our article if you want to learn more about the advantages of converting Word documents to PDF files.

Protect yourself with a password

In contrast to Word documents, PDF files may easily be password protected using any online PDF converter. These files frequently necessitate a high level of protection because they typically contain sensitive information about the file’s owner. By password-protecting your files, you can easily prevent other individuals from reading them.

Because PDF files are more secure and feature file encryption, many individuals prefer to convert their Word files to PDF files. The word to PDF server is one of the best ways to convert files. It provides consumers with a safer and more secure method of transferring and moving data over the internet. It also protects your files from anyone attempting to access the information stored in them, preventing them from taking anything from you.

Simple to Use

Easy access does not imply that everyone can access it at any time. This implies that PDF files can be viewed on any device, regardless of the operating system, including Macs, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPhones. Even if you access PDF files on different operating systems, they will appear the same regardless of the device you are using. Even if you’re using the same computer but a new printer, you’ll need to reformat everything to get it back to the way it was.

The Visual Elements are Retain

Another advantage of converting your Word documents to PDF files is that PDF files are versatile and can maintain any visual elements, such as photos, texts, fonts, and graphics that you have included before converting the file to another format. In comparison to Word documents, you must do a lot of reformatting merely to get it to look the way you want it to. You’ll almost certainly waste a lot of time reformatting and modifying.

File Size Reduction

Even if the file contains high-resolution photographs, it can be converted to PDF. These files are significantly smaller and more portable in PDF format, so you can quickly upload them to multiple websites or keep them on your company’s server. Online PDF converters offer PDF merging functions, which combine two separate PDF files into a single PDF file, which is a more space-saving and practical option.


Using the Altsoft Word to PDF server, you can securely convert word documents to PDF formats easily. Plus, you get a range of benefits to your credit as the conversion cost is affordable and fast.

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xml to pdf .NET

XML to PDF .NET Server Solution from Altsoft: How is it Beneficial for You?

.NET is majorly supported for all established operating systems. With Altsoft’s XML to PDF .NET Server Solution, you can conveniently convert XML to PDF files to produce print-ready documents.

The XML to PDF .NET Server Solution offers the best way to convert the file formats automatically, without any human intervention. Indeed, Altsoft has the most cost-effective OEM solutions in the market today. Here are the benefits you get with the best XML to PDF .NET Server Solution from us.

Benefits to using the best XML to PDF .NET Server Solution from us

You get an array of features to choose our XML to PDF .NET Server Solution. Some of them are listed below.

Various inputs are available, including (X) HTML, XSL-FO, and SVG(Z). Also, you can choose the input as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint MathML.

  • The best server .NET Solution with Altsoft

The access is established by a simple APConfig class linked to an XML configuration file. The output is a PDF format which includes, PDF/a and PDF/x.

  • You can have other outputs as well!

Altsoft’s XML to PDF .NET Server Solution also supports other output formats, including, Postscript, XPS, Raster Graphics, XAML, and SVG.

  • We are on to provide you miscellaneous features.

You get an advanced document merge option, GDI+ direct draw/print, Digital XPS/PDF signatures. Indeed, that’s an excellent feature for you to convert XML to PDF on a .NET server.

  • Desktop GUI

We provide a client-GUI desktop, highly user-friendly interface.

Plus, you get a quick email and skype support: regular updates and prominently practical user guides.

What makes us unique as a team is that our experience, which started in 2001. So now, we are the industry leaders with over 18 years of experience!

Why should you buy XML to PDF .NET Server Solution from Altsoft?

We have the most functional and cost-effective OEM XML formatting solution in the market today. It’s guaranteed!

Altsoft’s XML to PDF .NET Server Solution is available for everyone according to their needs and budget. Moreover, if your requirements do not fall into any standard packages, we can create custom solutions for you. Here is a list of available packages for you.

  • XML2PDF Light .NET API Server
  • XML2PDF Standard .NET API Server
  • XML2PDF Professional .NET API Server

The .NET Server solutions convert the available files to DOC, PDF, TIFF, and whole folders at one go- without any human intervention.

You get a straightforward interface that is user-friendly and easy to use, plus command line support. Moreover, Altsoft provides on-demand support applicable to your custom-made projects, particularly for your requirements.

You pay once for a perpetual license, so it’s preferred by most professionals today.


With Altsoft’s XML to PDF .NET Server solution, you get smart-auto settings, including features such as fit-to-page, page counter, and renamer.

Get a 30-day free trial now!

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Converting XML to PDF

Here is How Converting XML to PDF Benefits Your Business!

Every successful organization strives for success. Undoubtedly, one of the significant parameters of a successful and functional company is quick access to the correct data. Indeed, while data conversions can be tedious and time-consuming, converting XML to PDF with Altsoft saves time and effort for all.

Why do we need to convert from XML to PDF documents?

There can be numerous situations where converting XML to PDF formats will hold importance for quick solutions. It is because XML format can only be used with limited applications. On the other hand, PDF or Portable Document Format can be extensively used in considerably larger applicability.

It is why most professionals and large-scale organizations tend to represent their valuable data and information in a way that can be accessed quickly by employees. Additionally, PDF is a globally accepted and used file format and thus, holds more importance in the professional world.

PDF file formats allow sharing of the documents over different platforms n Internet, with the ultimate ease.

Now that you know about the importance of converting XML to PDF, we will now help you understand the difference between XML and PDF file formats. Indeed, to start with, here is a clear idea about XML format.

What is XML format?

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It stores data and information in a structured manner and offers one of the best alternatives for the database. Indeed, XML formats are flexible techniques that generate the standard and common information formats. It also allows sharing the data across various platforms on the Internet.

Yes, XML file formats also help you transfer and store information and data.

So, why is PDF format required?

Sometimes, converting XML to PDF file format is necessary. It is because the area of applicability for XML is minimal. So, to convert this, you require an excellent XML to PDF converter that readily converts XML formats to PDF files quickly and in no time.

Indeed, one of the most standard and accepted documentation methods in electronic format is opting for PDF formats. The PDF file format is widely accepted by almost all computer users across the globe. Therefore, sharing data and information with PDF formats becomes easier than doing the same with XML file formats.

How does converting XML to PDF take place?

Undoubtedly, to convert XML to PDF file formats, you need an XML2PDF formatting engine or software. Yes, it is essentially an automated process, but it uses some standard manual conversion methodologies.

Along with the different business benefits for converting XML to PDF file formats, you will enjoy flexibility and portability with PDF files.

The Bottom Line

A computer user can utilize the best way to share information across the platforms through Internet only if they have the proper access. Indeed converting XML to PDF formats can help you. Altsoft offers one of the most affordable and functional XML2PDF converters.

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convert xml to pdf

Why Do You Need to Convert XML to PDF for Your Business Files?

Every successful business believes that one of the essential elements for the ideal functioning of the organization is instant access to the right data. If you want to get success for your business, too, then it is important for you to understand what data conversion is for your documents.

Data conversion for businesses is a methodology for changing data from one format to another. It is a serious, time-consuming, and responsible job that revolves around sourcing and gathering information from countless appropriate sources for getting the most accurate details that are required for business planning and development. In simple words, it is all about converting a text file to a simpler format for the convenience of the organization.

Importance of converting XML files to PDF 


Any individual in an organization might encounter various situations where they need to convert XML to PDF as the latter one is more convenient for everyone to access. Besides that, Extensive Markup Language or XML is quite limited and cannot be used across various platforms on the internet.

Below we have made a list of some other benefits also for you to get an understanding of why it is important to convert XML to PDF

  • The XML syntax is superfluous, leading to a negative impact on the efficiency of the application. It also requires the highest storage needed transmission along with more processing cost. On the other hand, PDF does not require higher storage, transmission, or processing cost and requires small space on the hard drive.
  • PDF documents can be easily viewed and printed. All you need to do is download the document on a computer or mobile device and utilize it at your convenience. However, this is not the case with XML files.
  • PDF files can also be encrypted with a password and protect it from being printed, copied, or edited. Making a document secure is one of the primary reasons why it is important to convert XML to PDF.
  • PDF is an ideal format that supports the image embedding of any file type, whether it is a vector graphic, picture, or anything else. The format optimizes it according to the viewer. This makes it easier to read and view the document without much hassle of incompatibility or unsupported images. However, when it comes to XML files, users may find it hard to access the image.

The bottom line 

XML and PDF are two of the most used file formats in any organization. However, there are many aspects that make it easier to use a PDF file compared to XML format. The above post might have given you an insight into the various factors that make it important to convert XML to PDF for the efficient functioning of the organization. By converting a document from XML to PDF will enable you to accept these benefits easily for your business.


Why Use Altsoft to Convert XSL-FO to PDF?

Data conversion plays a crucial role in any organization as it helps to make the tasks easier by converting files from one format to another. When it comes to maintaining and building the database, records, and directories of an organization, the transformation of the digital data from one format to another is often necessary.

This is where Altsoft can help!



There are several situations when an organization needs to convert XSL-FO files to PDF as the utilization and implementation of XSL-FO is restricted and limited. XSL-FO or Extensible Style-sheet Language Formatting is a way to represent the structured XML documents. Altsoft is designed to convert their databases easily from XSL-FO to PDF. Besides that, it is extremely efficient to assist users to manage, update and retrieve their vital information in a secure and safe environment.

Benefits of PDF that you can get with Altsoft –

PDF is a widely used and accepted format for computer users as it can be easily utilized for publishing and distributing files and documents across various platforms. Because of its growing popularity over the internet, PDF documents have several amazing options.

Below we have made a list of a few benefits of PDF format that organizations can easily avail themselves of –

  1. One of the problems those organizations face while sharing their documents with their clients or partners is that word processors like Microsoft Word can make formatting extremely challenging, which creates confusion. On the other hand, the PDF format will exactly show how you presented your document to be. Besides that, it is ideal for documents that need to be printed.
  2. The best thing about PDF files is that they are small in size compared to other formats as it compresses the high-quality files. This way, you can save your space on the hard drive, particularly when you are working with limited storage.
  3. For organizations, it is a priority to handle customer-sensitive information in the right way. PDF enables you to protect your file with a password. This provides you with the ability to make sure that prying eyes are kept away from important data.
  4. PDF files can work in any operating system, irrespective of whether it is a PC or a Mac, or even a mobile operating system. You do not have to worry if the receiver will be able to view the document or not.

The bottom line –

Altsoft is the right and best software application that helps you convert XSL-FO files to PDF in the easiest way. You can conveniently generate many PDF files with just a single step. Besides that, our tool is designed to offer flexibility to exercise.

The number of benefits that you get from PDF files in comparison to XSL-FO to format is mentioned above. Now that you have gone through each of them, you will be clear with the perspective of why it is important for you to use Altsoft for your business.

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Benefits of XML to PDF: Safe and Inclusive Operations

These days XML to PDF has got insist in the corporate world. The software generates XML files for technical purposes. XML is an Extensive Markup Language. It is a purpose format but not used extensively. There are many supportive components that are just supported along with XML files only. 


PDF format is a Portable Document Format widely used at all the offices and exercised for all purposes. PDF is easy to use and non-editable format for ease of use. 


Most often, there is a need for a PDF file that is converted through XML format. The requirement is different at all levels. 


Benefits of converting XML to PDF with Altsoft?


Data conversion has become an easy task through both online and offline tools, such as Altsoft. Since XML files are used at very minimal levels, the Altsoft converter is used to change the files of XML to PDF. PDF is a standardized way to offer the files for all professional uses, besides being the safest format. 



Let’s look at the benefits of XML to PDF with Altsoft –


1. Better productivity –


XML to PDF conversion facilitates better productivity for the business activity. There are many possibilities that assist the ease with PDF format files.


2. Data Security –


Data security is one of the forms where there is data encryption required for every type of file. XML to PDF conversion with Altsoft provides privacy for each type of format. The conversion does not affect the protection.


3. Easy to convert –


It is an undemanding task to have the PDF from the XML file with Altsoft. The format conversion platforms are easy and simple.


4. Cost-effective –


Manual data conversion is the ultimate task for the documents. The document conversion is demanding and may trace errors. Thus, free and nominal charged XML to PDF conversion with Altsoft is a cost-friendly option. 


5. Quality assurance – 


XML to PDF conversion with Altsoft guarantees the quality of the conversion. There is no compromise in the quality, or automation can be made by any means of action.

6. Time-saving process-


The process of our XML to PDF converter takes place in less than a minute. Even complex files are being converted in a lesser period of time. Therefore, adopting this XML to PDF formats saves the time of operations and further implementation of the same. 


The Bottom Line –


Most of the time, PDF files are required for its authenticity of the activity. Thus, the data of XML is converted to PDF. Altsoft is a comprehensible platform that supports all computer systems. The tool has a set of programs to convert the files of XML into PDF formats. The XML to PDF conversion has zero possibility.


The best Solution for XML to PDF Conversion is Here!

Do you know XML conversion brings uniformity in the presentation? Indeed, XML to PDF conversion is the best solution for presenting all the data in just a simple and comprehensive approach. Altsoft offers the best-in-class packages for you to choose as an XML to PDF file converter.

Most of the professionals rely on Altsoft’s XML to PDF generator because it converts automatically without user intervention. The XML to PDF formatter from the store is known for being the most cost-effective solution in the market. Moreover, it comes with a guarantee to readily convert an XML file to PDF.



What is the use of XML to PDF file converter?

You may know that XML is effectively compatible with all browsers. This provides excellent cross-browser capabilities to the converted documents. You will often feel the requirement for the top quality XML files for the data to represent. Altsoft’s XML to PDF file converter can do that automatically in no time!

The main advantage of choosing the XML to PDF format is that it improves the chances of more people accessing the documents at ease. Even after conversion, you will see the quality of the document to be the best. This, in turn, improves the business prospects to multiple levels.


Note down some of the advantages of choosing the XML to PDF generator from Altsoft now!

  • If you are in need of portable and widely supported documents, Altsoft’s XML to PDF conversion approach can be the perfect choice for you. It supports document viewing and also allows for reading the application without any obstacles.
  • The PDF version allows you to read the documents irrespective of the software, different codes used, and the operating system you are using.
  • According to the needs, the XML to PDF generator allows you to deliver print-ready PDF files that can be read by using any program.


  • Since XML is a versatile program for web publishing, there are many graphics that take the front line of the XML files. The XML to PDF converter allows you to convert into PDF formats with no loss of graphics and information.
  • That means the PDF version of your XML files would be displayed in the exact same way as it is shown on the web.
  • Not forgetting, the XML to PDF converter allows you to retain the exact layout no matter what kind of operating system you use. You also have the flexibility to use any software application or device to view the document.

The bottom line

The XML to PDF generators can be the perfect option for you to have the most cost-effective solution to deal with professional data and different files. Get the product now to enjoy great discounts. Be ready with the best XML to PDF converter to address the need for producing print-ready files.

We are open to help!

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