We are a marketing company, specializing in multi-version magnetic print, and we are the first to produce magnetic mailers that can be mailed without an envelope. Our art template system is built using SVG. After merging our templates with data, we use Altsoft XML2PDF to produce the PDF file that is then sent to press. As much as 400 unique pieces of Artwork can be created in about 20 minutes, Altsoft XML2PDF satisfies our needs completely and is one of the cornerstones of our system. The integration was simple, barely 3 lines of code to get it working. Altsoft support has always been top-notch. Our issues are resolved quickly. XML2PDF is a great product, and Altsoft does a great job supporting it.


We use Altsoft XML2PDF for technical and commercial report generation from our Product Design Program. The data in the program has an XML representation, while PDF output is used to include these reports as part of a quote package for customers. And XML2PDF perfectly fits our application. Integration was straight-forward, and the support staff was helpful and responsive. Altsoft XML2PDF saved us a good deal of programming and in the future it will be much easier to make changes and enhancements.


We use Altsoft XML2PDF to convert our XML data to PDF documents to be sent via email. This product provides easy and powerful way of formatting data programmatically within our C# application. The integration was straightforward. We did not even need any technical support since the documentation was detailed and easy to comprehend.


We create Document Management solutions based on Microsoft Sharepoint for the construction industry. Our software, called Organice Transmit, supports the document-issuing process which is widely used in the construction industry. Organice Transmit automatically creates transmittals as XML documents that must be stored in Sharepoint in a non-editable format and should be easily viewed. XML2PDF lets us do exactly that by automatically converting these transmittals to PDF. The integration took only a few minutes.

DIGIATA (South Africa)

Our company develops software for Financial Services industry. We use Altsoft XML2PDF within our Report Server for generating PDF output for our reports. It works quite well and thanks to it we’ve saved a lot of time for our developers. The integration was easy; the Altsoft support was prompt and we quickly resolved all the issues.


We use XML2PDF Server to produce PDF printouts of new vehicle price offers for prospects and customers. What we encountered was easy layout and hassle-free maintenance and modification of the PDF output. The page break problem in PDF was easily solved with XML2PDF . Overall, Altsoft XML2PDF helped us to reduce the development time and cycle.

PZU SA (Poland)

We use Altsoft XML2PDF to print insurance policies and forms through our software used by insurance agents. An insurance agent calculates the premium, fills in the customer’s personal data and prints the documents. XML2PDF is a ready-made practical solution that can be easily implemented in any existing piece of software in a simple, neat and time-efficient way. From a programmer’s point of view, it simplifies the work to be done. From a project manager’s perspective, this product offers a wide range of tools for various business tasks.

PLANIA (Norway)

We develop solutions for facility management. Precisely, our product is one piece of software with general purpose modules (management of buildings, properties, installations, parts, employees, work orders, etc.), and several optional modules that customers can get according to its activity over a database (Access, SQLServer or Oracle are supported). Beside our Windows client/server application, we have been developing an ASP.NET layer, so that users can simply and remotely work through their internet browser. We had been using Crystal Reports for years, in our legacy application, but when we ported it to ASP.NET, it seemed obvious that PDF would be the preferred output for reporting. Our users want to be able to export various type of documents, such as forms that describes one single resource, lists of resources, drawings with custom data, forms containing in the same time single fields, lists and drawing. One typical example of what our users often do: by selecting customers in a list they can highlight the rooms that are rented to these customers on an SVG drawing. To be able to output this combined view (list + SVG) as a PDF, we needed a library that could properly produce PDF from XSL-FO and SVG. After testing different competitors, few were able to deal with SVG properly enough. Altsoft XML2PDF had been able to handle about 99% of the cases. The integration itself was quite easy: we’ve just downloaded XML2PDF , adapted it in our ASP.NET application with a code snippet found in one of the Altsoft examples. Beside the functionality of XML2PDF we’ve liked the fact that the PDF generator library was just a single file that could be copied as a part of our website, and did not require any heavy installation.


We provide web based Computer Aided Facility management software. We use SVG and XHTML extensively in our web application. This works great when the user is online and logged on. However:

  • automated processes often need to send information
  • users want to send information to their partners without giving them access to their system
  • users want to have good looking printouts (not the easiest to do with HTML)

Running Altsoft XML2PDF allows us to convert our data to PDF quickly and easily and helps to solve the above issues. Integrating XML2PDF into our code base was a snap. Having to add just one reference and a very simple API meant that we were producing output very quickly. Here are a few reasons why we’ve chosen Altsoft XML2PDF : simplicity of installation, simplicity of programming, SVG support, Asp.Net C# support, server oriented.


LeaseTeam, Inc. is a US-based software development company that specializes in software for the equipment finance industry. Our software covers the equipment finance lifecycle from origination, through credit scoring, documentation, booking, servicing and termination. LeaseTeam customers include banks, independent leasing companies and captive lessors. XML2PDF allows us to integrate seamlessly the PDF conversion of front-end lease origination documents as well as invoices. The PDF conversion of Lease Documents allows our customers to communicate efficiently with their business partners via email or web presentation with quickly service of PDF delivery. The XML2PDF integration is by far the easiest integration that LeaseTeam has ever completed. XML2PDF integrated into our .NET 2.0 code base and dramatically reduced the amount and complexity of code that was previously used for converting PDF documents while providing more functionality. XML2PDF allowed us to shift our integration from a poorly supported, complex integration into a “black box” that works seamlessly with our application. Altsoft seems to keep up with the latest document technology (including Word ML) and provides more functionality than any other companies that we have encountered. The XML2PDF product has been well performed under stress testing from our quality assurance department in addition to widespread customer use. The support we have received from Altsoft has been spectacular and was the deciding factor for us when leaving our previous vendor. All our questions have been answered accurately and promptly and the response time could not have been better.