Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine is the easiest and best solution for converting XML to PDF files. This advanced formatter features XSL-FO syntax with several file extensions to produce print ready outputs, easily. Our XML2PDF formatting engine is enhanced to improve your work efficiency and better result in no time.

We all know, Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the most suitable format for data storage, exchange, analysis, but not for its presentation. Commonly, we use PDF to represent data in everyday businesses. Adobe PDF is considered more convenient, print-ready cross-platform format for publishing documents. Thus, it became quintessential to integrate special formatting software to convert XML to PDF files.

XML to PDF Formatting

The most popular way to get a PDF from XML is through XSL-FO syntax that describes the way XML documents should be presented. For more details concerning this please read XSL-FO to PDF use cases.

Microsoft Office has produced storage formats for Word and Excel which are saved in XML also. Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine makes it possible to convert WordML and Excel Xml to PDF.

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