Altsoft XSL-FO2PDF formatting engine is the most cost-effective formatter on the market, for converting XSL-FO To PDF files in printable formats. Altsoft XSL–FO 2 PDF features XSL-FO formatter that supports almost all XSL-FO features and provides several extensions in order to cover special requirements.  The XSL-FO syntax will help you describe what the pages needs to look like and where the various contents need to be kept.

Altsoft XSL-FO to PDF formatter uses XSL-FO, which stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects. XSL-FO is used to describe the way structured Xml documents should be presented. XSL-FO is a language used for formatting Xml data for output to screen, other media or paper. XSL-FO is really easy to learn and is therefore widely used to express style, layout and pagination of Xml documents.

XSL-FO was created to present Xml documents for output, be it PDF, XPS, PS, SVG or TIFF. XSL-FO2PDF formatting engine allows you to create flows, blocks, lines, links, lists, tables, markers, bookmarks, page numbers, etc. Both large and small document processing requirement are possible with the XSL-FO to PDF formatting engine.

Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine which includes the XSL-FO 2 PDF formatting engine allows generating multi-layer PDF documents, embedding files to PDF and setting properties to PDF files. Both of these applications are designed to transform, validate and perform many operations on files. You can create text document that can be easily opened and edited by using any document processing applications.

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