Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine is the best and easiest solution for converting XSL-FO to PDF files. Our XSL-FO formatter supports almost all XSL-FO features and provides several extensions in order to cover special requirements.

XSL-FO stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects. XSL-FO is used to describe the way structured Xml documents should be presented. XSL-FO is a language used for formatting Xml data for output to screen, other media or paper. XSL-FO is really easy to learn, master and use. Thus it is widely used to express style, layout and pagination of Xml documents.

XSL-FO was created to present Xml documents for output, be it PDF, XPS, PS, SVG or TIFF. XSL-FO allows creating flows, blocks, lines, links, lists, tables, markers, bookmarks, page numbers, etc.

Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine allows generating multi-layer PDF documents, embedding files to PDF and setting properties to PDF files.

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