From v. (5/22/2013 – 6:45 PM) to v. (9/2/2014 – 2:58 PM)

Changeset Comment Bug C.Request Title
5856 Font selector adjustments
5810 scale drawingML header image
5787 add end in PDFA_metadata
5716 Fixed cumstomXml unnecessary element deleting
5765 Fixed bug with InstrText
5713 Fixed horizontal positioning relative to text
5708 Fix pdf input bug
5709 Fix Xml2PDFComConnector enums
5703 Fixed problem with custom xml handling 2029 DocX: Text not show
5704 fix bug with parsing pdf with 2 or more xref tables (%%EOF)
5705 Add one variable. 427 Add variables to SystemIgnore.txt
5700 correct svgMarker clip
5695 new iccadd png image to pdf

rename UseDeviceRGB option to OptimizePDFSize

5691 Fixed crash with hybrid doc file
5688 Fix UseAnsiEncoding option bug
5684 set opacity attribute for SVG image (without fill color )
5680 tabs before page margin(by Roman).
5672 Add simplified Append method for APDestination
5663 Fixed crash with bad table column width
5664 Rewrited algorithm of selecting headers\footers in xml2003
5665 Little height cells vertical content alignment
5660 delete sRGB color space from pdf dictionary
5650 Add UseDeviceRGB option to public list
5651 Add missing pdf options to PublicList_Eval
5648 add pdf config – use deviceRGB instead of sRGB
5655 changed cnf attribute generating algorithm
5631 Fix SDK projects
5633 Fix SDK build #1
5634 Fix SDK build #2
5635 Fix SDK build #3
5641 Fix GDI output SDK sample
5638 Added support for single instrText
5627 correct svg text writing-mode
5636 Fix SVG top-to-bottom writing mode
5637 change Css.WritingMode attribute to Svg.WritingMode
5632 Add supporting for lineSPACING, lineALIGNMENT and textINDENT; fixed bug with Master Pages;
5624 Fixed bug with saving JPEG grayscale images in pdf
5626 Added support for spanish ordered text numeration
5628 Add two variables. 427 Add variables to SystemIgnore.txt
5615 Fix one more multithreading fonts bug
5609 Remove redundant code
5610 Fix multithreading bug
5605 UnnecessarySeprate
5600 fixed floats for columns
5590 Add supporting cycleLength for RangeList;fix bug with “49” and “50” namespaces at MsCore;

add attributes for page size at OOffice;

add “pcdata” child to “h”, “p” and “span” at OOCore;

add OdtContentDocument (with FillContent, Flags);

register OdtInputFormat at APEngine;

5595 Fix word shape positioning
5596 Footnotes implementation
5589 Fix PoloR font spacing
5585 Check AlternateContent for inline elements
5586 Turn off area boxes in output by default
5577 problem with float in table
5581 Is vParent Page or PageRegion
5571 Fixed bug with incorrect toggle key behavior
5549 Fix error message on file open/save
5550 Fix OrderedDictionary bug
5553 float picture bug, problems with parent of pic
5562 fixed positioning of inline fo floats
5544 Fix floats (left/right)
5545 Fix AOrigin parsing
5540 Fix table margins
5538 Fix word bookmarks breaking inline
5535 Save PS resources inside %%BeginSetup and %%EndSetup
5531 Add OCRB font hack
5509 Fix PDF text copy-paste without embeded fonts
5513 Disable watermarks in workstation
5505 fix <sub>