Altsoft Xml2PDF reference library
LoadXml Method (xml, log, weight)
NamespacesAltsoft.PublisherAPConfigLoadXml(XmlReader, APLog, Double)
Loads configuration settings from the given xml source.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public void LoadXml(
	XmlReader xml,
	APLog log,
	double weight
Public Sub LoadXml ( _
	xml As XmlReader, _
	log As APLog, _
	weight As Double _
void LoadXml(
	XmlReader^ xml, 
	APLog^ log, 
	double weight
xml (XmlReader)
Xml source reader.
log (APLog)
Operation log.
weight (Double)
Weight of the 'LoadXml' operation within the current log stage.

Assembly: Altsoft.Xml2PDF.Server (Module: Altsoft.Xml2PDF.Server)