Altsoft Xml2PDF reference library
SaveGDIPage Method (pageNumber, graphics, boundingBox)
NamespacesAltsoft.PublisherAPDestinationSaveGDIPage(Int32, Graphics, RectangleF)
Saves specified page in a given graphics object with the given bounding box
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public void SaveGDIPage(
	int pageNumber,
	Graphics graphics,
	RectangleF boundingBox
Public Sub SaveGDIPage ( _
	pageNumber As Integer, _
	graphics As Graphics, _
	boundingBox As RectangleF _
void SaveGDIPage(
	int pageNumber, 
	Graphics^ graphics, 
	RectangleF boundingBox
pageNumber (Int32)
Number of the page to save
graphics (Graphics)
Graphics object to save page to
boundingBox (RectangleF)
Bounding box of the page being saved

Assembly: Altsoft.Xml2PDF.Server (Module: Altsoft.Xml2PDF.Server)