Altsoft Xml2PDF reference library
Save Method (destFormat, path)
NamespacesAltsoft.PublisherAPDestinationSave(APDestinationFormat, String)
Saves the current output document with the given output format to the given file.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public APLog Save(
	APDestinationFormat destFormat,
	string path
Public Function Save ( _
	destFormat As APDestinationFormat, _
	path As String _
) As APLog
APLog^ Save(
	APDestinationFormat destFormat, 
	String^ path
destFormat (APDestinationFormat)
Ouput format.
path (String)
Path to the output file.
Return Value
Operation log.

Assembly: Altsoft.Xml2PDF.Server (Module: Altsoft.Xml2PDF.Server)