Altsoft Xml2PDF reference library
CreateSource Method (uri, format)
NamespacesAltsoft.PublisherAPEngineCreateSource(String, APSourceFormat)
Creates a new APSource instance.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public APSource CreateSource(
	string uri,
	APSourceFormat format
Public Function CreateSource ( _
	uri As String, _
	format As APSourceFormat _
) As APSource
APSource^ CreateSource(
	String^ uri, 
	APSourceFormat format
uri (String)
Path or URI to source document.
format (APSourceFormat)
Source document format.
Return Value
The new APSource instance.
ObjectDisposedExceptionAPEngine instance is disposed.
InvalidOperationExceptionAPEngine instance is notAPEngine -or- APEngine instance is not in running mode.
APSourceExceptionSource uri can not be opened.
ArgumentExceptionformat is invalid or unsupported by the current product version. -or- uri is not the valid path or URI.
ArgumentNullExceptionuri is null.

Assembly: Altsoft.Xml2PDF.Server (Module: Altsoft.Xml2PDF.Server)