Generating Instances of Multiple Master Fonts

Altsoft Font Type Master gives a possibility to generate instances of Multiple Master (MM) fonts. When a MM font is opened, any desired instance with specified parameters can be generated, previewed and saved. To perform these actions you can either press the ("Generate Font Instance") button on the toolbar, or choose 'Generate Font Instance' from the 'Tools' menu:

This will open a dialog panel, which allows you to enter components of User Design Vector of the Multiple Master font and preview the result:

In this example the MM font has two design axes: “Weight” and “Width”. You can enter the desired values of Weight and Width and see transformation of visual appearance of the test string 'ABCxyz'. You can also change the test string:

If the current parameters give a satisfactory result, you can save the obtained instance of MM font to disk. To save the particular instance as a Type 1 font for PostScript MM or as a Type 2 font for CFF MM font press 'Generate' button. An instance of the initial MM font (Type 1 or Type 2 font with the same name) with the specified user design values will be created, saved and opened.