Font Metrics

Viewing font metrics

When font metrics are opened (double click on the corresponding font subnode) you see the tree of basic and TrueType specific font metrics for TrueType and OpenType fonts:

or basic metrics for Type 1, Type 2 or Type 42 fonts:

Multiple Master fonts allow viewing a changeable font instance when metrics page is opened (see Generating Instances of Multiple Master Fonts):

Generally, basic font metrics contain the most important font characteristics and information about certain font typefaces:

  • UnitsPerEm
  • BBox
  • Ascent
  • Descent
  • ItalicAngle
  • UnderlinePosition
  • Underline Thickness
TrueType metrics are:
  • Basic metrics:
    • UnitsPerEm
    • BBox
  • Horizontal header table metrics:
    • Ascent
    • Descent
    • LineGap
  • OS/2 and Windows specific metrics:
    • Subscript size and offset definition:
      • ySubscriptXSize
      • ySubscriptYSize
      • ySubscriptXOffset
      • ySubscriptYOffset
    • Superscript size and offset definition:
      • ySuperscriptXSize
      • ySuperscriptYSize
      • ySuperscriptXOffset
      • ySuperscriptYOffset
    • System-dependent horizontal metrics:
      • sTypoAscender
      • sTypoDesscender
      • sTypoLineGap
      • usWinAscent
      • usWinDescent
    • Strikeout parameters:
      • yStrikeoutSize
      • yStrikeoutPosition

Editing metrics

Metrics values can be edited in Properties window. Note that changeable metrics text is written in normal black typeface while read only data is written in gray:

NOTE: At present, adding or deleting font metrics is not allowed.