Viewing glyph outlines

When glyph editor page is opened, the glyph outline of the selected glyph is presented to you:

NOTE: In this section we describe simple glyphs. Viewing composite glyphs is described in Editing composite glyphs section.

What we see here is the glyph coordinate system and the outline of the chosen glyph drawn in it. Note that for Type 1 based fonts the usual basic interval is 0..1000 whereas for TrueType based fonts this interval is 0..2048.

The purple vertical dashed line denotes the width of the glyph.

The points on the outline are starting and ending points of Bezier curves (quadratic curves for TrueType and TrueType-based OpenType fonts, cubic curves for the rest of the fonts) and line segments comprising the outline.

The blue points are the starting points of the contours. The blue arrow specifies the direction in which the points are numbered on the contour.

You can select any outline curve, line or point. The selected element is highlighted with red color:

If a curve is selected, you can see its control points : one for quadratic curve and two for cubic one. They are pictured as crosses at the ends of red dotted lines:

When a point on the cubic Bezier curve is selected, you can see two control points belonging to Bezier curves that contain the selected point:

You can also select the whole contour by double-clicking on any of the curves comprising it. The selection of several curves, lines, points or even contours is available by mouse clicking with the "Shift" button down.

The basic glyph view can be changed with the help of the toolbar buttons:

  • Show/Hide grid lines
  • Show/Hide outline points
  • Show/Hide curve control points
  • Show/Hide hints (not valid for TrueType and OpenType fonts)
  • Fill outline
or the context menu can be used:

The following pictures present different variations of the glyph view in the editor:

NOTE: If the Properties window is opened, you can see the following set of properties for the selected outline element:
  • For points:
    • Category: main or control point
    • IsBeginning flag indicating that the selected point is the beginning of the contour;
    • Point position in rectangular coordinates;
    • Smoothed flag (valid for main points on the contour of cubic curves only) indicating that both curves through this point should stay smoothed in this point.
  • For lines and curves:
    • Element type: line, cubic curve or quadratic curve;