What is Altsoft Font Type Master?

Altsoft Font Type Master is a Microsoft.NET Framework based software product for editing fonts and converting between different font formats. It is based on Altsoft FTMBase class library. It is a fully-functional GUI application implementing basic and advanced routines for processing fonts. It can be useful for font designers and end users whenever universal font formatting and editing tool is necessary.

  • The functionality of Font Type Master includes:
    • Support for Type 1, CFF (Type 2), Type 42, TrueType, OpenType, CID-based, Multiple Master fonts
    • Retrieving basic font information
    • Retrieving font name strings
    • Retrieving and editing font encodings
    • Font metrics generation
    • Font subsetting
    • Generating instances of multiple master fonts
    • Character outlines editing
    • Copying glyphs and editing glyph outlines
    • Conversion between various font types: Type 1, Type 2, TrueType, OpenType, Type 42.