How to Format XSL-FO File

The first operation one must perform for formatting XSL-FO file is to open a file in the specified format. For opening file choose "Open Document" item in "File" menu as shown below:

Alternatively, you can press the corresponding buttons on the toolbar or at the bottom of window:

The standard "Open document" dialog window will allow you to choose the source file for formatting or validation. Besides, you may input the path to the local file or URL into the "Document" edit box in the bottom of the window:

If the opened file complies with XML syntax you will be able to format it.

Formatting XSL-FO document means saving it as PDF file in specified location.
To perform this operation press "Format" button at the lower-right window corner. A dialog will appear asking you to enter name and location for the output PDF file:

Pressing "Save" will start process of transforming initial file into PDF format.

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