Using Altsoft XSL-FO Debugger


Altsoft XSL-FO Debugger is an easy-to-use GUI application that allows user to convert XML /XSL-FO files to PDF document format and creates layers for displaying specific properties of certain FO objects.


Here is the short description of the most important Altsoft XSL-FO Debugger features:

Selecting various XSL-FO objects to be debugged.
How to select appropriate object for debugging?
Formatting XSL-FO files.
How to format XSL-FO file?
Formatting XSLT with XML files.
How to format XSLT with XML file?
Viewing the resulting PDF document.
How to view the resulting PDF document?
Setting the visual representation of the object features.
Properties window description.
Setting various PDF formatting options.
Configuration window description.


User-friendly flexible graphic interface allows Altsoft XSL-FO Debugger to cover all aspects of XML/XSL/XSLT/FO to PDF file formatting and debugging. To learn more about menu commands and GUI check the following sections:

Menu commands and toolbar.
UI elements and how to use them

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