How to view the resulting PDF document

If you have selected certain FO objects for debugging (or ticked the appropriate foxes in the XSL-FO objects tree) then the formatted PDF file contains layers. The visual information in the layered PDF document is multilevel. The initial FO document forms the first underlying layer and upper levels are created according to the object properties and classes of objects selected for debugging. For example, if you have selected to draw boxes for block-level objects and draw baselines for the fo:inline object then the resulting PDF may contain zero, one or two additional layers. It depends on the structure of FO file: whether is contains block-level objects and inlines or not.

Let us show how to turn off/on the layers for specific properties. Suppose, we have selected to debug all properties for the fo:block object. XSL-FO Debugger may produce up to five layers in the resulting PDF document. To view them simply click on the Layers tab on the left or choose "Navigation Tabs->Layers" from the "View" menu. Here is the picture you will normally obtain:

The difference between layers can be seen even more clearly if you click on the eye icon to turn off some of them. In particular, we turned off the allocation box layer and the border box layer:

The complete set of instructions on using layers in PDF documents can be found in the "Adobe Acrobat Complete Help", section "Editing Adobe PDF documents/About Adobe PDF layers".

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