MergeSplit PDF

A pure managed .NET API providing the complete functionality for Merging and Splitting PDF files. Developed in pure C# it provides the complete compatibility with the .NET framework (versions 2.0 and 3.5) and can be easily embedded into any .NET-based solution and used inside custom workflows.

The MergeSplit PDF usual license is server based, i.e. a separate license per server is required. Discounts for several servers as well as company wide licenses are also provided.

Two editions are available in order to let you choose the most appropriate solution for your business: Standard and Professional.

MergeSplit Server – OEM redistributable version

The MergeSplit PDF.NET API is also available for redistributable purposes. The special Redistributable license allows embedding MergeSplit PDF engine into your own software and distributing it worldwide. Number of copies is unlimited and no additional royalty is required! shop

MergeSplit PDF Functionality

MergeSplit PDF is a formatting engine for merging or splitting PDF documents.

The key features of PDF Merge are the following:

  • Efficient and quicker access to electronic data
  • Compact data storing
  • Merging several PDF documents into a single document
  • Electronic digital signature
  • Setting PDF as background
  • Easy document’s management
  • Supervision of a folder’s content
  • Friendly user interface

The key features of PDF Split are the following:

  • Productive usage of electronic data
  • Storage of only needed information, not whole documents
  • Splitting a document according to pages needed
  • Electronic digital signature
  • Setting PDF as background
  • Increase of free memory space
  • Saving time for data interchange
  • Friendly user interface