Altsoft MergeSplit PDF engine the best and easiest solution for merging and splitting PDF files.

It is very simple to merge and split PDF files using Altsoft MergeSplit PDF formatting engine. All you need is to choose documents to be merged or split, arrange them in right order, choose pages and press the ‘merge’ or ‘split’ buttons. MergeSplit PDF preserves formatting settings and layouts of original documents. Merging and splitting PDF documents will make work with document workflow within your company more efficient and productive. And Altsoft propose you an easy-to-use tool for achieving this.

The key features of Altsoft MergeSplit PDF are the following:

  • Efficient and quicker access to electronic data;
  • Compact data storing;
  • Merging of several PDF documents into a single document;
  • Splitting a document according to pages needed;
  • Electronic digital signature;
  • Setting PDF as background;
  • Easy document’s management;
  • Supervision of a folder’s content;
  • Friendly user interface.