Altsoft FTMaster is the Microsoft .NET Framework based family of products (.NET API library and GUI) for operating with the data stored in modern vector fonts. Allows viewing and editing various font data, converting between font formats, editing graphical representation of font glyphs, generating instances of Multiple Master fonts, extracting fonts from PDF files, generating AFM (Adobe Font Metrics) files, creating new font files, generating font preview, renaming fonts.

FTMaster General Information

Altsoft FTMaster (Font Type Master) is an application for font designing, editing and converting. It is completely based on Altsoft FTMBase API which provides a comprehensive set of classes and methods dealing with a variety of modern font formats.
Managed .NET API component for font convertion is also available.

Key Features

With Altsoft Font Type Master you may easily perform the following operations with any supported font format:
Creating, viewing and editing various font data

FTMaster allows you to create new fonts of any supported format. It is also possible to view and change font information presented in four basic categories: encodings, glyphs, names and metrics.
Generating font preview

FTMaster allows you to create a preview in various image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG and many others.
Converting between font formats

Fonts can be easily converted with the minimal loss of information by means of FTM saving capabilities.
Renaming fonts

Font Renamer tool is natively embedded into the product and allows batch renaming fonts to the metrics.
Editing graphical representation of font glyphs

FTM provides convenient and versatile glyph editing tools. Adding and deleting outlines, transforming curves or contours, cutting lines, changing components can be used in order to edit glyph appearance.
Extracting fonts from PDF files

You may view fonts embedded into PDF files or save to a local file, if their embedding rights allow it.
Generating instances of Multiple Master fonts

Any PS Type1 or CFF Type2 font instance can be generated with the specified parameters from a given Multiple Master font.

Generating AFM (Adobe Font Metrics) files

FTMaster can generate Adobe Font Metrics file for any opened font.

Technical Information

Please refer to FTMaster Manual.