FTBase .NET API is a managed .NET component for converting all modern vector font formats to each other. It is aimed at providing a fully .NET-compliant solution for automatic conversion of font formats inside your application. It opens the functionality of Altsoft FTMaster, our powerful font converter, to any .NET based products.

Key Features

  • support for Type1 (including CFF format), TrueType, OpenType, Type42, Multiple Master and CID fonts;
  • direct conversion from any of these types to another;
  • preserves hints information whenever it is possible;
  • one-click integration with any .NET solution;
  • pure .NET managed code (no native code inside).

Technical Information

Please refer to FTMBase .NET API specification.

Free Evaluation

Evaluation for FTMaster .NET API is available.  Please send a email to sales@alt-soft.com