Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine is a Microsoft .NET based family of server and desktop products for publishing various XML documents such as XSL-FO, SVG, XHTML and pure HTML, Microsoft Word (DocX and older WordML and Doc ) to print ready output formats including PDF (with PDF/A and PDF/X support), XPS , SVG and raster graphics (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WMF).

Merging of several documents, compression, encryption and digital signatures in generated PDF and XPS, resulting document interactivity, advanced color management, font embedding and subsetting, Arabian, Chinese and Japanese fonts support and many other additional features are provided.

Additionally XML2PDF Formatting Engine provides new intermediate AltDOC vector format which allows to:

  • edit and merge formatted documents, add new custom elements to them;
  • temporary store the formatted documents ready for saving in any of supported output formats;
  • create PDF, XPS or TIFF from scratch using all the power of XML2PDF formatting engine

The ultimate conformance and performance make XML2PDF Formatting Engine an ideal solution for automated formatting and publishing of various business document types such as reports, letters, invoices, catalogues, brochures, applications, bank statements, medical cards, time schedules, maps and many others. Now one can also use XML2PDF Formatting Engine for automated generation of print-ready versions of HTML pages and whole web-sites.