Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine supports embedding of external fonts. This feature is very useful for those customers who use specific corporate fonts. It means that your documents won’t lose its original form on other devices.

XML2PDF Formatting Engine uses fonts that are installed in your operating system! Thus to embed a specific font to a resulting PDF file (or any other output format supported) you need to install your specific font on your operating system.

We suppose that if you are using specific corporate fonts in your documents you’ve already installed them to your system. And it means that you should just keep using Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine. But to be on the safe side we propose a small tutorial for installing fonts.

To install a font you should do the following:

1.    Open the control panel on your computer.

Find “Fonts” folder, and open it. You will see all fonts installed on your system.


Drag to this list your new specific font (in this example we use the “Dope Jam” font). You will see the installation process. When this process is done a new font will be installed to the operating system of your computer. You can check if your font was installed correctly finding its name in “C:\Windows\Fonts\” Folder.


After the new font is installed in your system create documents using it. Then convert them using our XML2PDF Workstation* or Formatting Engine.


* In XML2PDF Workstation you can find “Font settings” where you should specify a path to your fonts. This is used only in case when specific fonts are not installed on your operating system!