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XML to PDF .NET Server Solution from Altsoft: How is it Beneficial for You?

.NET is majorly supported for all established operating systems. With Altsoft’s XML to PDF .NET Server Solution, you can conveniently convert XML to PDF files to produce print-ready documents.

The XML to PDF .NET Server Solution offers the best way to convert the file formats automatically, without any human intervention. Indeed, Altsoft has the most cost-effective OEM solutions in the market today. Here are the benefits you get with the best XML to PDF .NET Server Solution from us.

Benefits to using the best XML to PDF .NET Server Solution from us

You get an array of features to choose our XML to PDF .NET Server Solution. Some of them are listed below.

Various inputs are available, including (X) HTML, XSL-FO, and SVG(Z). Also, you can choose the input as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint MathML.

  • The best server .NET Solution with Altsoft

The access is established by a simple APConfig class linked to an XML configuration file. The output is a PDF format which includes, PDF/a and PDF/x.

  • You can have other outputs as well!

Altsoft’s XML to PDF .NET Server Solution also supports other output formats, including, Postscript, XPS, Raster Graphics, XAML, and SVG.

  • We are on to provide you miscellaneous features.

You get an advanced document merge option, GDI+ direct draw/print, Digital XPS/PDF signatures. Indeed, that’s an excellent feature for you to convert XML to PDF on a .NET server.

  • Desktop GUI

We provide a client-GUI desktop, highly user-friendly interface.

Plus, you get a quick email and skype support: regular updates and prominently practical user guides.

What makes us unique as a team is that our experience, which started in 2001. So now, we are the industry leaders with over 18 years of experience!

Why should you buy XML to PDF .NET Server Solution from Altsoft?

We have the most functional and cost-effective OEM XML formatting solution in the market today. It’s guaranteed!

Altsoft’s XML to PDF .NET Server Solution is available for everyone according to their needs and budget. Moreover, if your requirements do not fall into any standard packages, we can create custom solutions for you. Here is a list of available packages for you.

  • XML2PDF Light .NET API Server
  • XML2PDF Standard .NET API Server
  • XML2PDF Professional .NET API Server

The .NET Server solutions convert the available files to DOC, PDF, TIFF, and whole folders at one go- without any human intervention.

You get a straightforward interface that is user-friendly and easy to use, plus command line support. Moreover, Altsoft provides on-demand support applicable to your custom-made projects, particularly for your requirements.

You pay once for a perpetual license, so it’s preferred by most professionals today.


With Altsoft’s XML to PDF .NET Server solution, you get smart-auto settings, including features such as fit-to-page, page counter, and renamer.

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