Getting to know XSL-FO

XSL-FO stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects. It is a World Wide Web Consorcium (W3C) recommendation.

XSL language family consists of the following parts:

  • XSLT (XSL Transformations) is a language used for transforming XML documents
  • XSL-FO is used in XSLT to present XML documents for output

XSL-FO is formally called XSL and is based on XML. XSL-FO uses CSS attributes for formatting objects.

About the tutorial

This tutorial gives quick introduction to XSL-FO and is intended for mastering its semantics in a short perion of time. XSL-FO should be easy to learn be HTML developers as it uses CSS attributes.

This tutorial covers the most important things about Formatting Objects. We are not going to cover all the XSL Specification. We will try to give you an appropriate understanding of the XSL-FO basis. Having mastered the basics you will be able to consult the W3C SVG Specification for advanced knowledge. We hope the XSL-FO tutorial will help you in developping your projects and will serve as a quick reference.

This tutorial is based on the XSL 1.1 Specification, a W3C Recommendation from December 05, 2006.