XML2PDF Functionality

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XML2PDF Formatting Engine

A pure managed .NET API providing complete functionality for formatting XSL-FO (or XML+XSLT), SVG, HTML and Word (WordML 2003, DocX, Word 2007 Xml, Doc) into PDF, XPS, TIFF. Developed in pure C# it provides complete compatibility with the .NET framework (versions 2.0 and 3.5) and can be easily embedded into any .NET-based solution and used inside custom workflows.

XML2PDF Formatting Engine functionality End user license agreement

  • XML2PDF Formatting Engine license is server based, i.e. a separate license per server is required. Discounts for several servers and Company Wide licenses are available
  • Three editions are available: Light, Standard and Professional

For more details between the different version click here

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OEM Redistributable version

XML2PDF Formatting Engine .NET API is also available for redistributable purposes. The special Redistributable license allows embedding XML2PDF Formatting Engine into your own software and distributing it worldwide. Number of copies are unlimited and no additional royalty is required!

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The following main features are supported:

  • PDF output compression
  • PDF/a, PDF/x specifications support
  • Digital signatures in PDF and XPS
  • PDF security and password encryption
  • Font embedding/subsetting
  • Interactivity (hyperlinks to local or external sources, bookmarks, indexes, PDF layers, optional content)
  • The possibility to embed any supported format into any other; for example, SVG files can embed now XSL-FO pages
  • Advances SVG options such as nested transformations, clipping paths, alpha masks, filter effects and template objects
  • MathML support in XSL-FO and HTML
  • Merging of several documents with WordML dynamic fields support
  • The possibility to merge several documents of different formats into one output document or use any source document as a background
  • Direct GDI+ print and preview function
  • External images (BMP, EMF, EPS, Exit, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, PS, SWF, TIFF, WMF, SVG) and fonts (TrueType, Type1, Opentype)
  • ICC and CMYK and color spaces and Spot colors
  • Asian (CID) fonts

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