WordprocessingMLalso known as WordML is a new save format in Microsoft Word. Starting from Microsoft Office 2003 it is possible to save the document as XML. An XML file produced by Word is WordprocessingML Schema based (also known as the XML Document 2003 Schema) and usually named WordML. This format stores the whole information required by Word including layout, formatting, several automation features and many others.

Implementation Details

The implementation of WordML in XML2PDF Formatting Engine differs greatly from others on the market. Most of the vendors have decided to use XSLT to create a source for their formatting engine. And as the result, they stalled with the limitations of an XSLT syntax and its scope. Here in Altsoft we use an absolutely different approach. Our programmers create own-developed WordML object model and build from a scratch a perfect converter to XSL-FO. Thus, the support for WordML in Altsoft XML2PDF Formatting Engine is aware of several nasty limitations that other vendors have.

Unfortunately, it is typical for the Microsoft to publish incomplete and sometimes incorrect specifications. So, developers have to understand empirically how several tags or properties should be formatted. Based on our many years’ experience in publishing and document interchange industry we tried to assume the most appropriate treatment of the places where the Microsoft is silent or specification description differs from the result produced by the Word application.