XML Formats Supported


XSL-FO is a primary input format for XML2PDF Formatting Engine. See the XSL-FO implementation details page or the XSL-FO version 1.1 conformance list for additional details.


SVG is supported both as a stand-alone input format and as a part of XSL-FO. See the SVG implementation details pageSVG version 1.1 conformance list or the SVG tutorial for additional details.


XHTML (including complete CSS support). The only requirement for input XHTML is its XML validity. See the XHTML implementation details page for additional details.


WordML is an XML format produced by the Microsoft Word starting from Microsft Office 2003 (version 11). See the WordML implementation description page or the WordML conformance list for additional details.

Word 2007 Formats

DocX is the default format of the new Microsoft Word 2007 application. Word2007 XML document is XML-based presentation of DocX. See the DocX implementation description page or the DocX conformance list for additional details.